On the Sixth Day of Christmas Craze…

This is the sixth post in an ongoing series Christmas Craze. We, Vagabonds is partnering with Almost There to bring you 12 Days of Christmas DIY gifts, decorations and more. The fifth day’s article can be found here.

This year I really wanted my Christmas tree to be full of handmade things, so I had to make my own garland.

Of course, I’m also on a strict budget that doesn’t allow for much spending on Christmas crafts. So this year my garland is made of paper and yarn.

Paper Garland

DIY Paper garland

This paper garland chain is SUPER simple, but it will take a little bit of time.

I used a combination of construction paper and paint chips, though I will say paper is probably best since it is colored on both sides. However, the thickness of the paint chips is kind of good for poking a small hole in. Best advice: use thick construction paper.

I just cut out various circles, squares and triangles of various sizes because I wanted my garland to look imperfect and homemade. Then I got some white yarn, stuck a yarn needle on the end of it and sewed my way into the paper.

The yarn needle is really not a necessity. It just makes poking the holes a little simpler. Once it’s long enough to wrap around your tree, that’s it!

What does your garland look like this year?

DIY Garland

DIY Paper Garland

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