On the Second Day of Christmas Craze…

This is the second post in an ongoing series Christmas Craze. We, Vagabonds is partnering with Almost There to bring you 12 Days of Christmas DIY gifts, decorations and more. The first day’s article can be found here. 

I am a Christmas nut, but I’m also a Catholic who is really bad at celebrating Advent. In case you don’t know about Advent, it’s just a time of preparation to prepare for Jesus’ coming into the world. Usually I’m just oh, so excited about Christmas that I just skip right over the season.

But, every year I think, man, this is a meaningful time of year and probably deserves a little preparation. Yet, I go right on Christmas crafting and pinning more and more things to my holiday board.

Yes, I’m still Christmas crazy this year, but I decided to make an Advent calendar to help me keep my mind focused on the reason I celebrate Christmas at all.


The supplies:

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic Paint/Paintbrush
  • Brown paper
  • Ribbon/yarn

I can’t hang things on my walls in my current house, so I had to choose material that would stick to the wall with that blue tacky stuff.

That’s where the cardboard comes in. I just cut out all different sizes of cardboard, painted different Christmas symbols on them and ended up with a fun little calendar like this.

Advent  Calendar















I wanted to make the calendar a little extra meaningful to me, so I went through a meditation book I have and found different Bible verses on them each day.

Then, to make it even more like a countdown, I wrapped them all in the brown paper and decorated the packages with different red and green ribbon and white yarn. I wrote the different days on them and stuck them under my Christmas tree, so every day I can unwrap a different “present” and stick it on the wall.

Advent Calendar

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