Wedding planning 101: We aren’t that good at it

We had this sneaking suspicion that planning a wedding would involve a few details, but I don’t think we really grasped it until it started happening.

I mean, sure, I knew there would be a lot to do, but I’ve thrown parties before, so “how hard could it be?” was kind of my motto.

We did the most important stuff first: pick a church and a wedding date and found a priest. A bonus was we even figured out the reception venue all in the first week. Easy breezy.

Here’s the church and Joseph looking crazy in front of it
















We thought our next step to tackle would be the guest list, and boy, we couldn’t have been more wrong. We decided to give the first draft a tackle and started writing down names of all our family, friends and colleagues from through the years. It was HUGE, and we immediately panicked.

So we took a highlighter and marked through the obviously most important names, like siblings and grandparents—must have attendants. It got a little better, but there are a lot of people I still want to highlight.

That was around three weeks ago, and we pretty much haven’t touched the list-making idea since.

Being the procrastinators we are, we decided there were some other steps we could take pre-invitation sending. So what have we been doing toward our wedding plans? Registering, of course!

A couple weeks ago we took ourselves to the ole Target, got a scanner gun and went to work. It felt like we were greedily scanning everything the store had, but it turned out there were only 40 things. It’s actually a little hard to envision exactly what you’ll want for your house when you don’t have it yet.

(Or maybe we are just bad at making decisions?)

We went back and added a little more to that list last night, and I think we are pretty satisfied.

We do have a few dilemmas left. The first is we don’t have well, any furniture. Is there a place you can register for that?

Another thing, we could use a decent camera for our future business goals. So we’ve considered starting a kickstarter page or something like it where people could donate to that for a gift if they want.

And lastly, we definitely don’t want this wedding to be all about us. Our beliefs on marriage are that when we come together, we can give back to the world better than we can on our own. So, we want to register with a charity for people to donate gifts there on our behalf.

This is a lot. But we are going to narrow it down to two or three options, no doubt. If you have any ideas, we’d love to hear them.

In the meantime, let me dream a little and show you a few of our favorite things on that registry!












We registered for a bunch of bamboo utensils! Not sure why, but apparently it’s in the limited edition, so we might have to put something different in it’s place. Rude, Target!












Do we NEED a Kitchen Aid Mixer? Absolutely not. But, I sure would put it to good use!












Joseph’s favorite item: this Shark Mop Steamer. OK…










Quilt bedding! ‘Nuff said.










Cool lamp!

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3 thoughts on “Wedding planning 101: We aren’t that good at it

  1. Emily Greene on said:

    Where is this chapel?? It’s beautiful!

  2. Phillip MElancon on said:

    I love the location!

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