Us, vagabonds

So, this humble piece of the Internet is our new blog, and we are pretty pumped about it.

Who are we, exactly?

Well, Holli and Joseph, of course. While our About section provides a little insight, we thought it’d be good to expound a little on us and why exactly we are posting on this blog.

 Who we are

We are a fiance-couple of creative weirdos. Before that, we were a friend couple for six years, and around a year ago we decided to give this dating thing a shot.

It worked, and we are going to get married in March! We met at Troy University, where Joseph studied graphic design and music, and I (Holli) studied journalism and photography. Then after I worked as a journalist for a couple years, I decided to torture myself by getting a masters in public administration. But, it’s a good thing really because it gave us time to decide to start dating finally.

What we do

Joseph is a graphic designer at Columbus State University, and I do freelance blogging and social media for businesses. Now that we got that official business out of the way, I can tell you about the even cooler things we do (though, I must say, our jobs now are pretty wonderful).

We pretty much love all things creative, and I’m not exaggerating. Taming ourselves to focus on one project at a time is nearly impossible.

Joseph is an illustrator, graphic designer and musician (the drumming kind).

I am a writer (and you can see more of my stuff on my Website), a crafter, a decent food cooker and an aspiring vegetable grower.

We both are pretty avid thrift store people. We are simple in lifestyle but have super big dreams, mainly of using our creativity to make money.

Why we are vagabonds

Don’t let the name fool you. We do have places to lay our heads at night.

Since we have so many creative interests, though, it’s hard for us to really know what will be the thing that takes off. So we purposefully live and create things, but we also kind of drift.

Because we are literally preparing for living life together, we thought the name vagabonds was extra fitting. Join us, would you?

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2 thoughts on “Us, vagabonds

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  2. keaton, r and l. on said:

    vagabonds? squatters? are they the same thing? someone came to see disney world and would not leave! this is how we spent our week! that is, trying to get the visitors to leave! it was one of the craziest weeks ever. now it seems strange to get this email from you with the name of your blog. well, thank goodness ya’ll are just poser-vagabonds! love ya’ll, l.

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